Top 10 Roulette

Top 10 Roulette Tips

1) Play the outside

The odds of winning in roulette are tricky. There is only a 35 to 1 chance that you will hit the number that you chose. Therefore people usually play the outside. This means that they bet on odd or even, 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 of red or black.

2) Increasing the odds on the inside

It is not necessary that you have to place your bets on a single number. You can always increase your odds by placing multiple bets on the inside.

3) European Roulette.

In order to increase your chances at roulette, a hard and fast rule that you can follow is to play European roulette as opposed to playing American roulette. The chance of winning at the European version of roulette is higher. But this doesn’t guarantee that you will win for sure.

4) Keep Playing

Sometimes, in order to gain a little perspective, you can choose to play a different form of roulette than the one that you are familiar with. You can alternate from online roulette to going to real casinos as it helps you to gain perspective.

5) Adopt a strategy.

It is always ideal to adopt a strategy that you are the most comfortable with as it will help you build your bankroll. There are various already existing strategies found online that you can adopt.

6) Use your observational skills.

Sometimes, you have to keep looking at the roulette wheel and monitor it as best as you can. This can help you identify patterns or notice a particular number that hits way too much. This can help you pick the next number that you want to bet on.

7) Don’t give in to superstitions.

Even though gambling depends on your luck, it doesn’t mean that any superstition revolves around it. Most people forget that each gamble is independent of each other. This means that just because the ball landed on let’s say 1, it can fall on the same number the next time as well.

8) Multiplayer Roulette

Sometimes, two heads are better than one. You can go for roulette games with someone else, enhancing your chances at winning.

9)  Reputable Casinos

Usually in games like roulette, that has a high house edge, casino tend to rig the wheel in order to increase their profits. This is why it is important to play at casinos that have a good reputation at playing fair.

10) The winning strategy

Professionals keep aside their profits and don’t touch it at all. This makes sure that you don’t lose everything that you have. When the cash you can afford to lose is gone, you stop the game and leave with your profits.

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